GF 110 reason enough to switch to GFX?

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GF 110 reason enough to switch to GFX?


Thinking about the GFX I wonder if the GF110 would be reason enough to swtch systems.

I currently use a Leica M9P with 35lux ASPH preFLE, 50lux ASPH, 75cronAPO, 90cronpreAPO. I also use the Xpro2 sometimes along with the 23/1.4, 35/2, 56/1.2 and 18-55 for AF.

Main photographic interest is portraiture (natural light - rarely flash, sometimes reflector). Family and travel too.

I am a father of 1y old twin boys and I find myself missing more shots with the Leica M than before. Sure I get the shot but too many times it is not sharp enough or the one that is sharp is taken a second too late. I guess more practice would help but I am quite sure it will not help enough in my case. The Fuji is the next best thing to the Leica experience AND autofocus, but DOF wide open is still more than my 1.4 FF lenses and the lenses do not have the same character.

Since I tend to use the Leica less ofter for the reasons mentioned, I was thinking about keeping only the M9P+50 lux (my prefered combo which I would maybe miss most) and  XPRO2+23/1.4 and 35/2 (for low weight and travel) and getting a Canon 5DMkIV+35L,50L,85L to have a good AF and low DOF option. For portraiture I think I prefer Canon to Nikon for skintones...but didn't use any in the last years (after selling my MkI)

I also tested the GFX and 63/2.8 and 23-64/4 and really like the rendering but (F2.8 and) F4 are limiting to me.

Now with the F2 110mm lens becoming available and looking at the photographs, I am in doubt again.

So what would you advise: go for the GFX+110? Will it focus fast enough (I will not do sports but I will cover kids, also non-posed photography). And what would be the best setup: 63+110 or 23-64 + 110 or 45+110. Getting the GFX would mean selling the Leica (to keep the budget within limits). I would probably keep the Xpro2 + 23/14 and 35/2 (nice and compact setup).

Thank you!


Nikon AF-P 18-55mm F3.5-5.6G VR
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