A couple fog shots at Golden Gate Bridge

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Re: SF Fog

mreynolds767 wrote:

Definitely a constant learning curve!

Thanks; a Smart Object allows you to take a LR file into PS but then if say you start blending in one file for the land and another for the sky ; when you start blending you realize ; shoot I wish I had darkened the sky a little more or changed the WB on the land differently, etc... ; , if you brought them into PS as smart objects you can just click on one of them and it will pop up ACR which is the same interface as LR and you can make an edit on one or both of them, still editing the Raws at this point even though you are in PS.

Might sound confusing but it is not and definitely a big time saver, rather having to start over you can make on the fly adjustments

There are some other beneficial situations and some negatives as well.

Certain things like "Warping" if a smart object you can go back and adjust the warp, without a smart object you cannot, the edit is final and need to delete and do again cannot adjust.

On the negative side; for some edits you cannot use smart objects which can be a little bit of hassle sometimes, but after you done blending you can flatten your layers which is no longer a smart object.

Also, things can move slower and have larger file sizes while retaining the smart objects.

Thank you for the detailed explanation.  That does sound very useful.   That is now on m list of things to learn and practice, along with focus stacking.  I do bracketing but find I hardly actually use it when it comes down to it   The smart objects would be great as like you described I usually just want to change aspects on certain things, I have been just painting in with layer masks.

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