A couple fog shots at Golden Gate Bridge

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Re: SF Fog

Brian D3300 wrote:

mreynolds767 wrote:

Think I like the most recent the best as well!!!

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback again.

Wow, I just checked out your website. Awesome work! What is your typical workflow? I love the look of your pics, wish I could get to the level.

Just started following you on IG

Thanks Brian, followed you back!  New to IG but seems to be where everyone is these days (I am late to the party once again)

Appreciate the feedback, has taken some experimenting but think I finally have a general workflow down though it definitely varies per picture.

Figuring out what I want to do with the Raw file is the most important and most time consuming.   Basically process with a end goal in mind in LR using multiple virtual copies made and processed differently for various parts of an image and then bringing them into PS (as Smart Objects when possible) and merging them either by hand or with a selection method.

I often do things to give highlights or everything a bit of a glow (orton and directly enhancing with color).  Usually I boost the contrast in the midtones via a luminosity mask as well.

Have a many month backlog of new photos to still process so my website is still rather incomplete and my IG page even moreso but will get up to speed one of these days.

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