Which full frame lenses are missing?

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Re: Which full frame lenses are missing?

Philnw2 wrote:

generikku wrote:

What does the wooble actually do? Is it just a 'play' issue? Is IQ affected?

I think Sean is overstating the case for adapter wear, no offense to Sean. Properly designed and plated, Adapters should last a lifetime. I think the problem that Sean is referring to is there are several cheap knockoffs that don't have the proper tolerances to start with. The excellent thing about the Sigma MC-11 is its tight tolerances, i've used it a lot since i bought it in 2015 and its still tight. Too much wobble and the electrical contacts can separate and crash cramera ops. I had another mfr's adapter that i thought was getting loose. Evetually found all 3 of the philips head screws were getting loose. Retightened them and it was tight again.

No, I am only talking about the TechArt Leica M to Sony E AF adapter. I do not know of any other AF adapter that has a wobble issue.

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