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Dude, this is getting ridiculous. I just read another one of your responses where you said that you didn't say "what do you think of this image?" but you clearly actually asked... "what do you think of this image?" Just because you started out saying that you have trouble with Sony and editing doesn't mean that your request could only mean that you wanted help with fixing/matching colors. Like 472 people have now said your OP was not clear... come on now. Stop being so damn defensive.

Doesn't help that your sentence structure (fragments, poor punctuation, & no capitalization) in many posts... it leads to confusion. Get over the fact that you received some MILDLY harsh C&C. Don't like it? Stop posting.

I completely agree with everything you wrote.  This was getting ridiculous on page 1 and now we're on page 3 and the OP is still being defensive, obstinate and biting people's heads off.  This is well beyond ridiculous at this point.

Since purchasing my Sony a7 two years ago, I felt the need to immerse myself into learning more about color correction and color grading because Sony color is a bit different than most.  That being said, it really is easy to correct unless the light is mixed and then it is as difficult as with any other camera.  I've learned a lot about Sony colors since that time and I've learned a lot about color correction in general.  Also, through all of this self-education involving a lot of trial and error, I learned to see color more finely and accurately simply through repetitive practice.  I had initially intended to share some of my experiences and insight but I have no desire to do that now.  I'm actually about ready to just hit that ignore button.

The one piece of advice I will offer is to forget about trying to get color right while viewing your images on a television.   A television?  That is like using a shoe to drive a nail.  Use the right tools for the job.  A television for color correction will only result of continued frustration (same with a cheap, uncalibrated monitor).  Buy a calibrated IPS monitor and a calibration tool so you can calibrate your monitor monthly.


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