Lighting an outdoor wedding

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Re: Lighting an outdoor wedding

sssesq wrote:

Need way more info. How big is the venue? Are the speedlites line of sight triggered or RF triggered? What time of day? How high can you get the lights? Can you shoot some ambient light. can you turn off the speedlites easily?

Big venue = speedlites can provide some background fill. Not all the light.

How triggered = Line of sight can be a problem. Bodies get in the way, phones will trigger optical triggers.

Evening = early with setting sun or later in the dark. Setting sun can be great if you strongly backlight.

Don't have all flash = boring. Do ambient even it it means noise. Noise can be nice, esp if in B&W. Nostalgic.

Turn off speedlites from your pocket wizard AC3, even adjust ratios that way.

Some many variables. Make some plans and modify on the fly as conditions warrant.

Hope some wedding experts chime in cause I do sports and just a few events like prom and stage productions.

Check the light placement from my portfolio:

hope it will give you some answers

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