Backlit Crested Goshawk with the RX10 iii

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Re: The Tails Back!

SelfMadeMan wrote:

Horacecoker wrote:

iPhotobirds wrote:

I don't care for that crop - it is too tight IMHO. Makes me feel claustrophobic when I look at it. He could always crop just a bit off the bottom and clone in some green where it is blown out. I like the tail in there and not a severe horizontal crop on a vertically positioned bird. But then these are all just opinions, aren't they

I got rid of the tail so I could cut some of the huge branch out, it seems to completely overwhelm the photo and not in a nice way. Mike wants the tail to stay for identification purposes and therein lies the problem. I'm not sure how to respond in future. There are now three aspects to consider with Mike's pictures. Image quality, aesthetic quality and bird identification quality.

To please you both (or otherwise) here's another crop with a bit of additional tweaking.

And here's the original

At least with my original post we have now got a meaningful discussion going which is exactly what Mike wanted (I think).


I actually agree with both of you and I like your edit. The very bright part at the bottom is still a little distracting because the brightes parts of an image attract the eye. Therefore the idea of cloning in some green there may be a good idea.

This is interesting  - I also like David's reworking as very clean image and take your point about the fact that the lightest point draws the eye there first.  But I like how that makes you take a bit longer to see the eyes and how intensely they are staring down at you. This israther similar to the experience in the field;  I initially noticed the bird's tail in silhouette, then the body,  and then finally nocticed and was transfixed by the eyes.



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