Is the E-M5 Mark II Still considered a great camera compared to the newer Pen F & E-M1 Mark II?

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Re: E-M5 Mark II viewfinder better than newer Pen F

Dostoy wrote:

On one point at least, the EM5 Mark II bests the Pen F: namely, the EVF. It's noticeably better.

That's kinda debatable, on the one hand it's lower magnification IIRC and probably not as well calibrated (as is often the case with OLED panels)...

OTOH, being an OLED panel does have one significant advantage, it's just as viewable whether in portrait or landscape while wearing polarized sunglasses. If I could have the same mag I'd take an OLED EVF over an LCD any day just for that.

I think LCD tech still leads OLED (or the panels currently available in the market do at least) as far as the refresh rate that the newest bodies are capable of tho, so there's that too.

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