A couple fog shots at Golden Gate Bridge

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SF Fog

mreynolds767 wrote:

Great shots!

Serious question: does morning fog often occur before sunrise. I ask because the only times in my life I have set out in search of fog I too arrived before sunrise and found that fog did not come until after the sun was over the horizon and for lack of a better term melted the fog off the ground.

Since this has happened to me more than once, I assumed it may be normal behavior.

In the SF area I imagine you are much more used to fog and the type of marine fog you get may behave differently anyway than fog in a valley that I am referring to.

I have read that when the dew point and temperature meet overnight, that is ideal for fog in the morning hours (again referring to valley type fog not ocean/marine fog)

Note: I am not a meteorologist, not do I play one on TV However, I have lived my (almost) entire life in the SF Bay Area.

The SF Bay Area fog is a unique phenomenon. The ocean off shore is a nearly constant 50F year-round, but inland (40-50 miles) afternoon temps often reach into the 90s and 100s. The heated inland air rises and draws in the cool marine air (sometimes at a speed greater than 25 mph!). This fog flow usually starts in the afternoon and continues into early evening. By morning the fog starts to "burn" off. This an all-summer thing.

Depending on the conditions near the coast, the fog deck may be at ground (sea) level or several hundred feet. The fog may be a few hundred feet thick, or 3,000 feet thick. The fog may linger just off-coast, or it may extend 30 miles inland.

The Golden Gate is the only sea-level path for the marine air to flow inland; north and south of the Golden Gate the mountains range from 1,000 to 3,000 feet high, blocking much of the marine air. Many afternoons the marine air flows over the ridges, resulting in a "fog cascade". See my video, shot 10 miles south of SF near Crystal Springs Lake: http://pixseal.com/2013/2013fortbaker/mvi_0730.mp4 (the video is 10x).

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