Nikkor 200-500 vs 300 f/4 + TC

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Re: Nikkor 200-500 vs 300 f/4 + TC

Kadidal wrote:

I just got the 300 PF two weeks ago, after a year owning and loving the 200-500, and already from some of my regular walks I find I stay out much longer than I would have with the 200-500. That resulted in a lot of interesting shots I would have missed. Both lenses are fantastic optically as far as I can tell. I rarely use VR with either but haven't noticed any issues with the VR on the 300mm. Nor any decentering issues on a Siemens Star Chart test.

On the other hand, based on my limited impressions thusfar, it does seem like the 200-500 focuses a little bit faster, and the 300 PF seems to hunt from near to far more often than the cheaper lens. Not really sure why this should be the case, though I've had lousy light most of the last two weeks. "Near" is a lot nearer for the 300, which has something like a .25 max magnification -- maybe this has an impact as well, so I'll be testing the effect of the limiter switch in the next few weeks.

As a pricey lens that I think of as being made for a rather narrow market (old guys who don't wanna pack a lot of weight), I was surprised to see how many of the 300s were for sale used. I picked one up from Canada for $1330 (thanks I suppose to that Trumpian lumber trade sanction cratering the Looney-Greenback exchange rate).

I'll let you all know if the 300 is short enough to get into Yankee Stadium sometime this summer! The rule of thumb applied at Citifield is that permissible nonprofessional gear = no more than 6". It is actually surprisingly nice that people don't ogle this lens the way they do at the 200-500.

Thought I'd give a Yankee Stadium update. Ive been a season ticket holder for 20 years. For years in the old stadium the written policy was no lens over 6 inches, however that is not the case in the new stadium since 2009.  Bags cant be more than 16x8x8.  So basically if your lens can fit into that bag, your ok

Here is the policy from the website

For Yankees home games, New York City FC home matches, the New Era Pinstripe Bowl game and all other public events, single-frame flash photography is permitted as are extended-length zoom lenses provided they do not interfere with the game, match or event, or other Guests' enjoyment of the game, match or event. Selfie sticks, mono/tripods and other professional camera equipment, video cameras and any other equipment designed for the sole purpose of video and/or audio recording are not permitted.

For the Derek Jeter retirement game recently I brought in a 70-200 2.8 with a TC 1.4.  No problem

I have no idea about the citifield rules are

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