m43 lens and FE lens on APS-C body

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Re: m43 lens and FE lens on APS-C body

Shooting at f1.8 on a m4/3 sensor gives roughly the same depth of field (assuming distance to subject and focal length is the same) as f2.8 on APS-C which is what we see here in your examples.  Check the backgrounds for similarities/differences.

As far as sharpness goes...  in your examples, I find the Sony to be best...  the EM1 to be worst.  That doesn't mean this will always be the case in all scenarios but I am finding that in the examples you provided.

The Sony FE 28 f2 does have some lousy corners wide open especially when shot on a full-frame body (hey, it's a full-frame lens)...  but the corners aren't too bad on APS-C.   The center, however, is pretty good even wide open as we can see in these examples.

Also, as others have stated, not knowing what sort of sharpening or how much sharpening was applied to each is also a factor to the overall sharpness.

In short, the bigger the sensor, the better a lens must be and the closer the image gets to passing through the edges/corners of the glass.  There are many advantages to shooting with larger sensors though and Sony has some of the best full-frame glass available.  That being said, the 28f20, although quite good, is closer to the bottom end of the available Sony lenses.  Considering its low price and available converters, it is a great value.


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