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RooksTemplar wrote:

Hey guys,

I've got an Atomos Ninja blade working mostly the way I want on a d7200 and d750. I was also trying to get it setup on the d5300 my wife has but have been having some issues with the live view. The lack of physical buttons on this model after dealing with the other two so quickly has been amusing.

Im trying to find out how to disable the live view settings overlay so the camera just has a clean image to output . Secondly, when in live view on the back LCD screen I can't figure out how to get into movie mode like on the higher end models you toggle to movie and then push the live view this case it's just a live view lever. I only see the movie mode with sound levels when actually recording. Any insight or links appreciated.

Someone else has pointed out that hitting Info will get you clean HDMI out.

The D5300 Live View times out after 10 mins (settable to 20 mins I think).  The trick for no time limit recording is to flip the LCD around so it's off.  Then the LV timeout doesn't occur and interrupt the HDMI output.

My D5300 audio buzzes a little so I have to figure out how many frames to delay on the Ninja to sync audio.  Then I'll plug my mic into the Ninja Blade.  You can monitor audio on the Blade.

With a cheap battery grip for the D5300 and 2 batteries I've done 2 hours with some juice left.  I was more worried about the Ninja Blade running out.  I ran through 3 batteries on the Ninja.

I don't load a SD card and just record in the Ninja.

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