Another is my Sony 1670z good? thread

Started Apr 20, 2017 | Discussions thread
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Re: Another is my Sony 1670z good? thread

"I just heard back from the seller. I sent my 1670Z test pics to them. They said that they contacted sony, an Sony said that those pics look up to factory standards. If you believe them---then that is pretty damn terrible."

If those shots "look up to [Sony's] factory standards" for a ca. $2500 system including a 'Zeiss' lens, then we shouldn't expect much from the Sony/Zeiss APS-C lenses - irrespective of their price

Options: Move to Fuji. Hope that Sigma rescues the APS E-mount with more consistent IQ at less hyperbolic prices. Or go 'pro', big and expensive, for an arguable epsilon in IQ: FE.

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