Nicked lens ... should I worry ?

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Re: Nicked lens ... should I worry ?

tbcass wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Whenever I see references to articles implying that actual damage to a front element is inconsequential, I post these photos made with my A55 and KM 18-200 set to 18mm and pointed at my ceiling with a few inches of dental floss simply resting on the front element:

From left to right, f/5.6, f/11 and f/22

Moral: One test with one lens does not apply equally to all lenses and all situations. If those other damaged lenses were used to shoot a scene under different lighting conditions and with different apertures, we would probably see truly horrible consequences.

Of course all of these side discussions still have nothing to do with the OP's single tiny nick that is way off at the extreme edge, as I said in my original post.

Since dental floss is in front of the lens, not a nick or scratch in the glass, it's effects would be much, much worse. Even a mm can make a big difference. Of course if a scratch is bad enough it has to have some negative effects, just not as bad as your example.

The floss is resting on the front element. A scratch could be bad too if it's a deep gouge like the ones some testers have inflicted on their examples; likewise for the shattered glass examples. Neither you nor I know how much better or worse a deep gouge or shattered glass would be with this lens in this situation. I'm not going to do a direct comparison by permanently damaging my lens.

The point of my rebuttal to those goofball online tests is that they only show how little the image might be affected in some circumstances, but do not give equal time to show how much they might be affected in other circumstances.

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