Which full frame lenses are missing?

Started May 17, 2017 | Discussions thread
Gato Amarillo Veteran Member • Posts: 5,579
Maybe the sports lenses?

Earlier I put in a vote for the 24-105 f4 based on my own needs and those of my portrait/family/wedding photographer friends, but on another thought where are the sports lenses?

The A9 seems aimed at the high-end sports photographers, so where are the lenses to make the most of it? The 300 2.8? The 400 and 600 f4? Long fast lenses with ultra fast focus?

Admittedly this is a tiny, tiny market but Sony seems to think it's worth pursuing. So will they go all the way?

Just for the record, I'd be happier if Sony would skip this market entirely and concentrate on the much larger market of retail and commercial professionals and serious amateurs, but if they do see a market here shouldn't they go all the way?


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