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Re: Thoughts?

HigD wrote:

Ellis Vener wrote:

HigD wrote:

Just found this image, its very large so you can zoom in on the catch and still get some resolution. Still sure about strip boxes? Looks like some sort of diffusion cloth judging by the round light bursts in each.

My thoughts:

two large panels each with a non diffused light behind it . The light is very flat and dull because it's like a big plane of light with the photographer in the center of it.

Oh and there is a very hard hair light from camera left.

i think it was Michael Ballhaus, the late and truly great cinematographer (look him up on IMDB) who once said "Learn to use hard light and you can light anything. When you use softlight you light everything."

Sure, sounds good, but modern headshots ain't a hard light game. If you look at his site, he does plenty of light carving using soft light as the base.

That's the beauty of panels over softboxes.  You have so much more control over how soft or hard you want the light.  By leaving the panels where they are and just moving the lamp heads closer or further away will create harder or softer light.  so will adding another layer of diffusion.

Also, I see all kinds of variations of soft and "not so soft" headshots.  I saw a great exec headshot at an awards banquet I was covering  a few weeks ago that had very distinct shadows.  It was actually very well done.  I agree, you don't see it a lot but when it is done right...

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