BS HDR - what I SAW, what I got

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Re: BS HDR - what I SAW, what I got

Erik Ohlson wrote:

Cyril Catt wrote: Interesting, Erik. Thanks for posting. I can only suggest that where there is a difference between frames the camera is (i) programmed to take the first shot in preference to others, or possibly (ii) to use the frame with the largest number of (contiguous?) changed pixels. -- Cyril

Cyril, Please don't take my "simulation-by-cloning" attempt literally - I just happened to see the photographer flicker from left to right during the period when the burst exposure was taking place.

I had of course NO time to notice more than that. Then I cloned her head to make this "Picasso, 'Nude Descending Staircase' "- like impression.

After the exposure all I had time for was to make a mental note to see how that particular frame turned out. [...]

Interesting. For the HDR and HS Night Scene settings on the ZR800, 'Lighting' (whatever that is, as 'Flash' is also off), and 'Face detection' are off.

But for HS Anti-Shake lighting is on and face detection off.

Whilst with HS Night Scene & Portrait, both lighting and face detection are on.

It's hard to work out what the camera spells are for each of its magic BS settings!

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