An excellent AA battery P&S with full manual controls

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Re: An excellent AA battery P&S with full manual controls

RA40 wrote:

This had me remembering the older A series. I enjoyed those cameras during that time with the A75, A530 and A1100 mixed in with the G6, G9 and G15. For full manual the G series satisfied my uses.

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To reiterate, the appeal of the SX 1xx IS cameras was, and remains, these virtues:

1. Low price. The first job of any product is to catch a customer, and the lower the price point the more customers they catch.

2. AA batteries. The point and shoot customer often doesn't use their camera for many months or even years. Proprietary lithium batteries are wonderful, but not if they are discharged and the customer wants to use their camera. AA batteries are sold everywhere and most homes have some fresh ones in a drawer. The second job of a product is to work when the customer wants to use it, and cameras need batteries to work, and the AA battery is the most common battery in the entire world.

3. Stellar daylight performance taking still photographs from a small sensor camera. The point and shoot customer isn't going to likely be trying to take photos in bad light, and if they do, there's a flash built in the camera. When the product works, the results should please the customer, and meet or exceed expectations.

4. Stylish looks. This old sin cussed world is shallow, and will always be so. The camera must look like a camera, and more expensive than it cost. The customer should be proud of their purchase.  They wanted to buy a camera, and the product should look like a camera, and the SX 160 IS delivered the looks and the style to endear the product to the customer.

5. Expanded capabilities. After the customer has bought the product, got the product to work, is pleased with how it works, and then sits down to admire their shiny, nice looking gadget, the product should offer the customer options to keep on going to figure out better ways to use the product. It's here, at this level, that the Canon SX 100 IS series was a gateway drug to the sales of more expensive and more capable Canon cameras. On the top, there was a mode and full manual control dial. Some of the customers, and I was one, took the time to try and figure out what Tv and Av and M and all those things were for.

Any camera maker could make an entry level, equivalent AA battery powered, full manual control super zoom point and shoot today, if they would.

It should have WiFi. A faster lens would be nice, but not necessary. Image quality was already sufficient.

There will be one last point and shoot left standing after the decline in sales halt.

I think it should be a modern version of the SX 160 IS.

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