Wilhelm research say OBA longer lasting? I am confused.

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Re: OBAs get a "free pass" in industry-sponsored light fade tests

RGBCMYK wrote:

I find the headed discussion of OBA's in paper just as interesting as people only wanting a pure rag paper base. As photography evolved and traditional b/w prints were exponentially superior to their color counterparts all mainstream black and white paper (Kodak, Ilford, Agfa, and Oriental) was not made on a rag base and all the papers contained OBA's. Of course platinum prints were an option but not the mainstream. While I don't object to the evolution of the medium and the pursuit of perfect tools I am always reminded of a wonderful quote by Beaumont Newell and wanted to share "it is a blessing that in time most photographs fade."

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As quality becomes more economical and readily available, our standards tend to rise to accommodate it. Also, we really weren't as aware of all the issues as we are today. Besides, who doesn't want higher quality if they can get or afford it?

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