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Re: e-m5 spot metering

panheimer wrote:

does e-m5 spot meter only in the centre of the frame?

is there any method to force spot metering to follow focus point? or do i have to lock with ael and recompose?

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I know this is an old thread, but have looked it up since this bugs me. With my old C8080 WZ the spot metering area could be moved to a degree around to either follow the focus spot, or trained on another sort of centralized area in a number of movable spots, regardless of where the focus point was located. On my Pens, it seems there is no way to move it, and to meter an off center spot, the spot must be centered and then recomposed. Funny how they could do this with a bridge camera and not a more expensive interchangeable lens camera. I haven't checked my C5050 yet but will. I wonder does the EM1 (either version) have this ability, or any of the other Oly M43 cameras, such as the EP5 or the Pen-F?
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