Low light lens for event photography

Started May 18, 2017 | Discussions thread
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Re: Low light lens for event photography

Matt Pitts wrote:

Hi guys,

I'm after some advice on a fast focusing low light lens for my xt-2

I have been using the 16-55mm 2.8 and find that it's pretty slow to focus in low light situations I was working at eve to last night and struggled with the lens.

I'm generally photographing events, so fast focus is vital.

Any advice much appreciated.

In my experience, the AF points on the Fujis aren't as sensitive as those of a 5D3 in low light. You need to be extra careful where you put it. A nice contrasty thing. Can be a bit tricky if you need to work fast.

In low light I find it easier to use a 3X3 zone instead of single point. Simply put the zone over someone's face, and at least one point will likely cover something contrasty to focus on. As long as the DOF isn't too narrow it shouldn't matter if it is the eye or the hair or wathever.

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