Will Nikon or Canon offer full frame mirrorless cameras soon?

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Re: Will Nikon or Canon offer full frame mirrorless cameras soon?

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DSLR is dying and it has no advantage over mirrorless mostly. Basically it has no future. Canon might gonna announce mirrorless camera with same DSLR body. How come? Because they already have tons of lens for Canon FF camera. Put EVF, remove Pentaprism, and then apply live view technology and that's all. It's mirrorless camera and still can use current lenses. The question is do they have a technology for live view? Maybe for Canon but def not for Nikon. Sony already have superior AF algorithm and technology for mirrorless so it will be very challenging to compete with Sony cameras for a long time. At least 5~10 years I guess.

The EVF has advantages, but it's my understanding that the optical viewfinder is still better for viewing in low light situations. It may still be a while before we can say the DSLR has no future. Rumor is that Nikon will soon release the D820... will that be a mirrorless ? We'll soon find out.

However, canon rumors announced that Canon will release a FF mirrorless around Photokina 2018.

I just tested your premise with the OVF of my Pentax DSLR K3, pentaprism with an f2.8 lens compared to my A7rii FF with an F4 lens. Looked at my living room with evening light and no lamps on. The OVF of the DSLR couldn't compare to the EVF of my Sony mirrorless which looked like daylight. The OVF could hardly show any details, while the mirrorless showed a ton of detail.

This makes me think you have never tried the modern EVF of a mirrorless. EVFs can electronically amplify the sensor signal, the OVF can't do that at all. I would guess that any of the modern mirrorless by Fuji, Canon, even the m4/3 will produce a brighter EVF than an OVF within a stop of two. Its no comparison.

Now if you want to make the point that the DSLR LiveView makes up for an EVF, I haven't tested that and can't address it.

Strange...i did think pentax was renowned for having good OVF ..i dont know i never see one ...i try a A7ii in the shop (i think.. it was the latest 24MP one) and i had a fuji XE-2 for a time and comparing to my 5Dmki to focus MF lenses ...as things get dark both the EVFs gain up and look much better ..no arguments....but at thing get real dark both the EVFs turned into a grainy mess and no way can you focus manually ...however the 5D although VERY dark in the VF you can still see bits of detail and although hard it is possible to attempt focusing....so i would say in lowish light the EVF is better but in darkness a good OVF if better

In really dark conditions - that you referred to = i take out a small flashlight, shine it on what i want to focus on, the EVF sorts itself out and then i use mirrorless focusing aids - the focus peaking and/or magnify to focus manually - works slick. Course, by that time one is on a tripod, with either type of camera.  So if you're doing long exposures in really dark conditons - flashlight is required for either situation.  EVF wins, IMO.

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