Low light lens for event photography

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Re: Low light lens for event photography

Matt Pitts wrote:

nixda wrote:

Matt Pitts wrote:

Hi guys,

I'm after some advice on a fast focusing low light lens for my xt-2

I have been using the 16-55mm 2.8 and find that it's pretty slow to focus in low light situations I was working at eve to last night and struggled with the lens.

I'm generally photographing events, so fast focus is vital.

Any advice much appreciated.

I just wanted to reiterate what George already wrote. Using a lens that can focus quickly is important, but learning how to make it focus quickly is just as important, if not more. One needs to focus on something with pronounced contrast within the focus box, and there can be a difference between horizontally and vertically oriented contrast.

That a well and good, but I'm mainly taking candid photos of people at events using single point AFC and don't find that my canon 5d3 struggling to focus as much as my Fuji. it's definitely better using a bigger focus box, but in my experience it's certainly not as quick as people suggest. Not at least for what I've been shooting. Maybe it's my technique, but I've never had such issues with my DSLR. I used the Fuji at a wedding a few weeks back and found it also struggling to focus quickly enough and this wasn't super low light. My usual method to get focus in single spot on or around the eyes. Obviously in low light I'm often shooting at F2.8 so if I don't focus on or around the subjects eye I end missing focus

Mirrorless cameras in general are just now starting to match (and surpass) the AF speed of dSLRs. The Fuji's aren't quite there yet but are close. Maybe you need to adjust your expectations?

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