Tips regarding colors in RawTherapee for X-Trans cameras

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Sebastien Guyader
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Tips regarding colors in RawTherapee for X-Trans cameras

In a reply to a previous thread, I exposed how RawTherapee can be used to get accurate colors using raw files from X-Trans cameras.

baobob put it on a dropbox file for future reference and archiving (thanks to him), but as he suggested I start this new thread to target a larger audience.

Just in case, and for direct access, here are the tips again:

The "problem" with the X-T2 and RawTherapee (RT), is that currently there's no X-T2-specific DCP color profile shipped along with the program, so when you load an X-T2 raw in RT it will map the colors according to a color matrix ("camera standard", derived from dcraw).

However, RT comes with a DCP profile made specifically for the X-Pro2, and since both cameras use the same sensor and processor, we can assume that the X-Pro2 DCP profile can be used to get accurate colors for the X-T2.

What you can do is either:

  • to locate the X-Pro2 profile (something like C:\Program Files\Rawtherapee\5.1\dcpprofiles\FUJIFILM X-Pro2.dcp), and simply copy the file and rename the copy to "FUJIFILM X-T2.dcp", so that next time you load an X-T2 raw file, if you go to the "Raw" tab, under "Color management" you can check "Auto-matched camera profile" and then RT will automatically load the "FUJIFILM X-T2.dcp" profile
  • to load an X-T2 raw file and go to the "Raw" tab, under "Color management", check "Custom"and navigate to select the "FUJIFILM X-Pro2.dcp" profile

Now just create a basic pp3 profile in whch you select either one of these 2 solutions, and set it as the default profile in the program Preferences (Preferences > Image Processing > Default Processing Profile > For raw photos).

The DCP profile will get you "accurate colors", not "Fuji colors". But from these accurate colors, you can for example load some Hald CLUT (Color tab > Film Simulation > Fuji XTrans II HaldCLUT v3) or tweak the colors as you wish and save the result as a new pp3 profile.

I also made some HaldCLUTs / pp3 presets including the Acros simulation:

Ideally, it would be great if owners of cameras which don't have a DCP profile yet, who would own a Color Checker as well, could follow these instructions to take shots of their Color Checker in RAW and send the file to the RT team so they can generate an appropriate DCP profile for inclusion in RT.

I hope this will be helpful.

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