Another is my Sony 1670z good? thread

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Re: Another is my Sony 1670z good? thread

brandog712 wrote:

I completely agree that some shots seem completely soft and defocused. Issue is I was on a tripod, with OSS turned off, on a completely calm day. With a small single point focus and a 2 second timer. I took the test images the exact same way as I did with the previous lens (which was very soft on edges, but nice in the center), as this lens--which at certain focal lengths the entire right side seems completely out of focus to me.

I agree---it's not about shooting brick walls. However, I plan to use this lens for some landscape and architecture work and dealing with such soft images for $1000 is a bit ludicrous. I take the test samples of a Brick wall because they are the most controlled "natural" environment and very quick to get an assessment.

If you are doing architecture this IMO is not the system.  Optimal are tilt shift lenses.  Same for Landscape. Typically square filters are used for landscape work.

If I was selling you a camera I would tell you go to a DSLR over mirrorless for the most options.

My A6500 is more a travel camera or something small that I am not investing more then my 16-70 and 55-210 that was part of a bundle for a extra $130 so even if I sold that 55-210 I would get my money back.

Video is also important or I would have gone to a different mirrorless system not wanting a bridge camera again

Maybe one of the Sony A7 series would work, but still the lenses are what I see key and Sony for me is not for architecture or landscape in a strict sense.

If I had a problem with my second 16-70 I would have returned the A6500 and lens and got over my need for a good video option and bought Fuji most likely or maybe a crop sensor Nikon DSLR so I could have the option of existing lenses.

Of course nothing wrong with two camera systems

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