Do I really need a Lexar thunderbolt hub?

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Re: Do I really need a Lexar thunderbolt hub?

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I've got the XDQ reader without the hub, just the USB3 version that is SO much cheaper, and it works great. I come home with about 1500 frequently, someones more, and start it going while I wash up and put the camera batteries on charge, and it is almost always done before I am ready to sit down.

I'm sorry, do you only use a XQD reader or do you use XQD cards with the reader?

Or are you saying that you only use a XQD reader and that alone speeds it up??

The reason why i ask is because XQD cards are NOT cheap and I would need several cards.

I wire-tied mine up under the monitor so it's a fixture on my desktop, which I found better than a separate stack.

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If you have an XQD reader it will only read XQD others will even fit. It's the XQD card that is faster for data transfer and using USB 3.0 is a faster interface with the best of both worlds.

Lexar 64 GB XQD about $89 Compact Flash about $60 I run overflow, but how many cards will you need and what do you do now?

I just have the Sony XQD reader that came with the card and I've transferred 3K or so images by the time I go get coffee and come back. I don't think your computer is the issue.

I'll add that a new computer with certainly speed things up though. I see the second part of your question.

I've built my own desktop computers for 20+ years as I can control the components. If you are looking long term and have some knowledge and skills to build your own, I can make some recommendations for a system. Generally will cost more than what you will be able to just purchase a new Dell system though. I would say i7 processor and recent MB ($400), 500GB SSD, and a couple of 2 TB spinners ($400), 16 GB RAM min ($125) 32 ideally, decent current graphics card ($150), power supply and case ($200 or so). DVD burner and perhaps front hubs for card reader/usb will add some but not totally necessary and fairly cheap

Looking at about $1,200 that will last a long time. You could go cheaper than that too...just ideal.

Wow, a $400 MB?? Don't you think that's a little over the top? Which mother board are you talking about and what does it do that others don't, like the one I was planning on buying for a little over $100:

Also I believe i have been told this a million times that lightroom is CPU based so a graphycs card is kind of useless. No big deal though.

$400 for processor and MB.  Agreed a good MB can be had for $100.  Agreed graphics card is less relevant but wouldn't say useless if you are building a system why skimp?  You can cut $150 Graphics card down some.

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