OMG Post processing is amazing! (aka now I am a raw shooter)

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OMG Post processing is amazing! (aka now I am a raw shooter)

Yeah, you all know this.

But I didn't. After a few recent mistakes and reading this forum, I decided to try to not be a JPEG only shooter. I think I was just scared of not being able to get JPEGs as good as Fuji's which are amazing. The main reason to try was because it's hard to get a good exposure of everything, and I had to choose "sky or foreground". The other reason is that as a Linux user who only has one laptop that I have to share with work, my options are limited. I finally found some software I could install on this old machine (Ubuntu 14):

Rawtherapee: (only 4.2, not 5) which doesn't open the xtrans raws. RT 5 does (I tested on a friend's computer) but this put RT out of the running, even though it might be the best available software.

Lightzone: has a version that opens the xtrans raws, but I found most of the filters gimmicky, and it kept crashing randomly which was not so much fun.

UFRaw: wow, this works so well. Very simple and actually creates good JPEGs. Not like the Fuji ones, but better in some ways.

Darktable: managed to compile this and get it running. Seems to be a good mix of complexity and ease of use. Features work well, and I think this is what I will use for now until I get a newer computer and maybe try Rawtherapee again.

Post processing allows me to expose for the highlights and push the shadows to bring the thing together. Darktable's shadow features aren't amazing - get too high and it goes blurry and "instagram filtery" but it seems enough.

Message to JPEG shooters. Don't be like me. Don't let the fear stop you. There is plenty of free software out there. You might be surprised by how quickly you can learn them.

I am now shooting JPEG+RAW and putting each on a memory card. I guess I will use JPEGs mostly for when snapping silly events like my neighbour's son's birthday. But anything serious I will be using the raws. Thanks for listening!

Here are some obligatory examples from by my home with side-by-side Fuji JPEGs. I kept them uncropped and unrotated to compare with the originals.

Exhibit 1a: Darktable shadow push

Exhibit 1b: From the camera, using classic chrome

Exhibit 2a: Darktable shadow push

Exhibit 2b: From the camera using classic chrome


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