Mirrorless F mount - proof of concept

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Mirrorless F mount - proof of concept

I got a little tired of trying to explain to people that as far as full frame cameras are concerned the f mount is just as well suited to small mirrorless cameras as Leica or Son'y's new short flange mounts.  So I created a mock-up to demonstrate what's possible.  The cameras are all to scale.   I used the Pentax K-01 to proof the body depth since it shares a similar flange distance with Nikon F and is the same general depth as film era SLRs - meaning the electronics already fit inside the space allotted of the film path without any special work.

Take a look.

In the bottom left is what a 60mm deep Digital FE would look like.  I took care to add an equal volume behind the film plane as what is used by the K-01, so we have a realistic presentation.  I trimmed away some of the pentaprism cladding since this would go to an EVF anyway, which keeps the depth.  I haven't done the front yet, but without PDAF subsystems, height will be no taller than manual focus SLRs, and actually a tad shorter than the Sony FE.

Dimensions for a digital FE mirrorless, using conventional production would be 142mm wide, 89.5mm tall, and 60mm deep.  A Sony FE is 60mm deep, 96mm tall, and 127m wide.

I was going to clean up the top dials and change them to modern digital control turrets, but left them alone, though I'll get rid of the winder on the left and sub it for something more modern.  Front grip from A7R2 , body from Nikon FE, width unchanged.  Eye cup and rear controls from Nikon D5600, Top LCD from GFX, rear body from EOS M6.

For a complete idea of how small an F mount mirrorless could be, without looking dumpy, the entire left shoulder can be chopped and the pentaprism style finder can also be dropped in favour of a pop-up style EVF.

Forgive the quality I was rushed and just use a bunch of low res images from Camerasize for scale and google image search for some of the detail bits.

If you enjoy it, I'll do the front and rear fascias as well.

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