Thinking about returning my A7RII

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Re: Thinking about returning my A7RII

blue_skies wrote:

lovehifi wrote:

I bought a new A7Rii a couple weeks ago at a great price. 2200.00 for a USA model. Love the ergonomics. Thought it would be great having 42 megapixels too because I do crop a lot sometimes. However I also have the a6500 and find that my success rate of focused shots is much greater with the a6500 when just using handheld.

This is what the A9 addresses, the A7rII does not match the A6500 PDAF algorithms.

I also find other than the crop factor that there is just not much difference between image quality between the two cameras.

This depends on lenses, apertures, subjects, and lighting/composition.

The DOF seems great on the a6500. Am I missing something? 2200.00 is still 2200.00. I just do not want returners remorse.

I think that you may need to spend more (on lenses, on time, on subjects) to get the benefits of the A7rII 'unleashed'.

FWIW, I noticed similar things when upgrading from the A6000 to the A7, which led me to the decision to keep the A6000/APS-C system while experimenting with the A7 (and many SLR lenses, initially).

But basically, if the A6500 suits your needs, and you are not thirsty for 'FF', then why keep the A7rII?
Return it now, while you can, and keep the money, and option, open for the future. A future A7rII will cost less than you paid for it this time, something that you can also count on.

If you do decide to keep the A7rII, you may want to change your technique for this camera. Fast moving subjects are a nono, unless they move across the frame, and shallow(er) DOF may not always be what you'd like. Using A-mode lets you take back control, and remember to stop down sometimes.

If you have enough time to test/evaluate the A7rII, you may be able to figure out how this camera will/might work for you, allowing you to make an educated guess as to whether to keep it or letting it go.

If not, just let it go. The A6500 is a rewarding camera in its own right, and you are successful with it, so perhaps the $2200 is better applied to savings, more lenses, a (photo) trip, etc.?

great post from henry...

You really need to dump money into glass for any camera system to sing. In sony full frame the lens costs are rather high. At base ISO with similar glass the   FF and APSC will end up about the same. It does not sound like you really want the super low DOF which is one of the biggest reasons to go full frame.

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