Thinking about returning my A7RII

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Re: Thinking about returning my A7RII

daveco2 wrote:

Interesting post because I'm thinking of getting an a6300 and selling my a7Rii, primarily to reduce size and weight.

What do you find comparing the two in terms of image quality and low light performance?


Interesting - have also had a good look at the A6300. Tempting for size and versatility.

Might continue to think until a more affordable Sony FF with silent shooting appear. Had a look at the A9 (very temting) but that amount of money can buy a lot of other fun stuff too.

Not that much difference in quality between FF and APS-C (talking A7 and Nex6 now) if not printing big. If printing small (like 40x50cm) or looking at the images on screen the two image formats are pretty much doing the same job - at least real life wise.

What kind of low light images? If etendue is similar there will be no difference other than the field of view. If talking similar field of view and f/number the larger image sensor win by roughly one f/stop or so in low light. What is good enough is probably the question to ask.

In my case I do not know what to do - probably dive into the A6300, have some good fun, and then see what happens on the FF area...

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