Sony a6000 bricked!!!!

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Re: Sony a6000 bricked!!!!

edcgadgetgeek wrote:

Hi All,

I turned on my Sony a6000 for the first time in a few weeks, and the shutter was not responding, it was not taking a photo, so I tried doing the update from v2 to v3, and after loading to 90% (tried doing update on both Mac and PC btw) it failed...and then after, it would load the main screen, but none of the functions responded to the buttons or dials...(...)

It might be a button stuck in the pressed position. I suggest you try compressed air (but be gentle ) and blow out the buttons and wheels of the camera.

Also a possibility is that the internal (Android) system crashed. The system keeps running for some time in a low-power mode even if the camera is turned off. So you can try to leave your camera without battery for a day or so and then retry.

It also might be possible that salt got somehow into the camera? If you live close to the sea (or have been in the last few months) there's salt in the air which slowly accumulates in the camera, ultimately leading to weird behavior. You can try to dry out the camera (by heating it to it's maximum storage temperature and then putting it in a dry, cold environment) but to remove all the salt, disassembly and gentle cleaning of the circuit board and the connectors with isopropyl alcohol is necessary.

As some other posters suggested, you can also sell the camera for parts. From time to time there are people posting on this forum with a broken LCD screen, scratched sensor, broken shutter button, broken body, damaged lens mount, broken battery door, water spilled over viewfinder, flash broken off, broken USB- and HDMI port door, ...

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