What is this waxy look people are talking about?

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Re: What is this waxy look people are talking about?

I guess my takeaway from this thread is that you can find waxiness in any Fuji jpeg if you look hard enough; but having owned and shot JPEGs on both the first and second generation X-Trans extensively, its obvious to me that it's the second gen with the big problem.  I seriously wonder whether anyone would really be talking about wax if X-Trans II hadn't happened, and I suspect it's the worst of those x-trans II excesses that have overly sensitivitised some people to what they perceive as wax in the earlier and later bodies.

Personally, while I've been horrified at times with what my X-E2 or XT1 have produced at high ISO (so much so that I actually bought and sold two X-E2s before finally learning to live with it in the XT1), I've never been less than impressed with the very different output from my X-Pro1 in the exact same situations.  6400 ISO on a 2012 camera is never going to be the optimum setup for maximum detail in portraits, but in all the examples I've seen including the ones in this thread, I find the output perfectly acceptable.  Whether or not you can see every wrinkle that should be there, they still look perfectly natural, whereas X-Trans II JPEGs in those situations simply do not; in those you can literally see the smearing, as if someone has just smudged the faces with a wet fingertip.

From what I've seen of the X-Trans III images, I believe they've reset things back to X-Pro1 levels, and I'm happy with that.  In the most literal sense I don't see a problem, and I've yet to see anything head to head to convince me that a different camera would do a better job.  I certainly don't see the wet finger of X-Trans II, and that makes me happy; as ever YMMV.

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