Which full frame lenses are missing?

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Re: 14 1.8, Tilt/Shift lenses, 70-300 DO......

Dan_168 wrote:

At this particular moment, I am looking for a 14mm F1.8 or even better anything wider and faster would get my money, since I am still waiting for the Sigma 14 F1.8, it will be a great addition for the Milky way shooting I am doing.

Also a native Tilt/Shift would be nice too, I am using both Canon TSE 17 and 24 on my Sony but won't hurt to have a native mount Sony one with the same or even better optic quality.

What would really draw my interest is to make a 16-35/4 Tilt-Shift GM  (f4, maybe 5.6 could reduce size and improve IQ).

On the long side, while it would be nice to have those 200F2 300 F2.8, 400 2.8, 500 F4 in native mount, but in my own case, I just simply don't care to use the such tiny camera with big lens, so I would never buy one myself even they introduce all those tomorrow at half of the cost of the Canon and Nikon counterpart, I would still stick with my Nikon and Canon system when it comes to using large lens, but something small and light would be nice for my A7R II, such as the Canon 70-300 DO, ( Diffractive Optical Element), it's no super telephoto 300 F2.8 quality, but you can actually fit that in the pocket of your jacket and bring it to anywhere. can't do that with a 300 2.8, I can't even bring that sucker into any event if I am not official photographer, but I can do it with the DO lens anywhere.

The 100-400 takes a ton of pressure off the requirement for lenses that it covers, IMO they need at least 2 lenses longer than 400mm, the FL's don't really matter(>=500mm), but their price points must be different, one in the $1000-$2000 range, A 500/5.6 G, and a high end "PRO" lens in the $4000-$6000 range... a 400-600 GM, the zoom will reduce the number of super expensive prime's a pro would normally be forced to bring on location, if they really need flexibility.

They also need at least 1 fast TELE 300 or 400 f2.8

200mm Macro

24-105 or 24-135, f4 or slower to reduce size and weight and boost IQ, the perfect travel lens, but must also have at least 30mm/12" MFD at the short end and double that at the long end, this is what Mirrorless FF really needs, a compact lens with Very High IQ.

STF zoom? I wonder how that would change things? Is it even possible? Hmm a 24-70 STF + 100 STF + 200 STF would be interesting to say the least.

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