Will Nikon or Canon offer full frame mirrorless cameras soon?

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Re: Will Nikon or Canon offer full frame mirrorless cameras soon?

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why use gear with the heft of full frame and a fraction of the quality?

Nikon D500.

The biggest thing holding back the D500 is not the camera, it's Nikon's failure to create good APSC glass. I was looking at it when I switched from my D750 to the XT2. If Nikon he pro APSC glass, I might have stuck around but lugging around Full Frame glass kind of defeats the purpose.

I could not disagree with you more -- Nikon produce some of the best glass around - and in the E/FL models of super telephoto these lenses have eclipsed the performance of all other manufacturers glass. I use my 600, 400 and 70-200 E/FL lenses on all my camera bodies -- including the D500 and am getting tremendous results.

I absolutely do not consider that the D500 is being held back.

What you maybe referring to is in your view Nikon should also provide DX versions of these long lenses.

Nikon currently manufactures 25 DX and 66 FX lenses - the bulk of the DX lenses are zooms (21) - because this is what is selling - and only 4 primes -- the longest prime is the 85mm micro. Even Sigma don't sell Prime DC lenses beyond 39mm.

Nikon manufacturers DX zooms with focal lengths out to 300mm - so that 450mm effective.

There is no evident market for a 400/2.8 or 600/4.0 DX lens. Why would there be when the FX lenses are so good.

No one is questioning whether they make good glass. The current glass is fine if assuming that you want the 1.5x crop. If you're shooting sports or birds, that's great. If you are shooting indoors, weddings etc, it's terrible.

Let's look at the lens trifecta focal lengths:

Where does Nikon make a 50-140 (70-200 APSC focal length)? They don't.

They have a 24-70 pro equivalent (18-55) - That's fine

They have a 10-24 which is not a piece of pro glass.

In short, what they are missing is the pro trifecta for APSC. The primes are fine. The D500 is a very capable camera, and would work very well for a broad number of areas if Nikon had the right glass to support it.

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