Lightroom poor performance on Windows 10

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Re: Lightroom poor performance on Windows 10

bent christian wrote:

earthisle wrote:

I've been using a Macbook Pro Retina Mid 2012 for Lightroom for a couple years and it works fine even off a USB 3.0 drive. I have recently bought a used Dell Precision T3500 with Xeon W3520 running Win 10 which has about the same computing power. I've tried running Lightroom on it and it's painfully slow. Every slider movement takes seconds to process. I've tried putting the raw files on both the SSD boot drive and HDD storage drive and it makes no difference. I've also tried a Lenovo S230U notebook with a dual core i7 running Win 10 and it's just as slow.

Fixes I've tried to no avail:
Disable graphics acceleration
Turn off XMP sidecar files
Disable antivirus scanning of LR catalog folder

The poor performance seems restricted to Windows 10. Has anybody experienced this? Is there a fix?

GPU acceleration will provide minimal improvement at best. Some find it slows performance. Anyway, this is not the cause. It sounds as though your new machine is running a HDD as boot and scratch disk. Is that correct?

No, the boot and scratch drive are an SSD. The photos are stored on an HDD but I've also tried working with them on the SSD and it doesn't help

BTW I have also tried with and without hyperthreading enabled in the BIOS, and it makes no difference (normally I keep it turned off because it slows down some programs)

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