Women and photography - myth or fact?

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Re: Women and photography - myth or fact?

MinAZ wrote:

Found an article on a site which cannot be linked (or at least used not to be able to - not sure about any changes), but lets just say its about cameras and photography and is very popular, and the article is about Instagram and popular processing filters and posting times. You should be able to find it from this info...

The relevant part of the article is as quoted:

"Posts from female users receive much higher engagement. How much higher? Posts by female users receive an average of 578 likes compared to 117 on average for a post from a male user."

Women receive five times as many likes... which may just reinforce the popular stereotype that women have an easier time getting photography engagement (/gigs) than men (especially if its true that their posts receive 5x as much engagement - aka free advertising). This is not necessarily implying that women are 5x better photographers (although it does not deny that possibility either), since they could just be 5x better at marketing and promotion/choosing subjects that are popular.

I used to poo-poo the notion that women might have an advantage over men in certain areas of photography, but this article certainly gave me pause, At the very least, I now know better than to challenge my wife to any sort of popularity contest on Instagram.

There are other aspects of it, regardless it is true or not, Instagram is not the world, it only says about Instagram. Woman by nature has different style and approach in photography and can be as good as the opposite sex or those in between in most type of photography.

IMHO, man tend to become a photographer more deliberately so the percentage towards male photographers is much higher than female photographer, who is more careful and probably thoughtful to become a photographer.  So it is perhaps also possible averaged female photographer has slight higher quality than the averaged male photographers.  IMHO, man also has higher tendency to be more gear/mechanical obsessed while woman focus on their concept and communication part of shoot a bit more so it is possible woman can be less distract by the tool - and in modern days because the camera becomes more sophisticated so they help to free photographers from lots of mechanical basics so woman can be a little be advantageous.

That said, I don't see much credential on report of this and that, there are too many people writing too many articles so often contradict others, particularly base on Instagram. Different job providers pick their way to find photographers, Instagram is just one of it and not the most important one so why has to make a debate out if it?

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