Sony a6000 bricked!!!!

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Re: Sony a6000 bricked!!!!

DaFireMedic wrote:

Almazar80 wrote:

There are standard prices for major parts for most cameras from most manufacturers. The $229 price is not out of line for a mainboard. Having said that, you can buy a new A6000 for $500 right now, and around $400 when they have their November sales.

You are probably right. But about 10 years ago, I bought a Canon video camera for $1000, got hit by a rogue wave at the beach, the camera died immediately. I took it by Canon in Irvine on the way home, they told me the mainboard had gotten wet, it would cost $150 to replace it and ship it to me. It arrived at my house a week later. I realize that was 10 years ago, but the cost of that camera was roughly the same as what I paid for the a6300, but this repair looks to cost him maybe twice what Canon charged me, and he wasn't stupid enough to drown his camera like I was.

I love Sony cameras and am very happy with my a6300. But Sony customer service scares me and makes it difficult to commit thousands of dollars to their system. I've had 2 bad customer service experiences with them (not involving the A6300), and I really hope they get their act together.

Integration and miniaturization costs money. As does the increasing non-standardization of parts across said mainboards. It's not like the old days where the majority of cameras across a line shared the exact same part and just had other items bolted/harnessed on to do the job. The tight integration of all the components as well as, just as significant to overall inventory costs, the packaging of said components to the specific form factor of a model cause the cost of replacements to go up. (If the a5100 and a6000 share the same mainboard, I'll eat a random article of clothing on this one.)

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