A prime fallacy

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Yes... and no...

Brad Bohland wrote:

Ever heard the expression "zoom with your feet" to describe how to "zoom" with a prime lens?

I have heard the expression before, I assumed the "zoom" part was meant as a play on words.

I've heard it recommended a number of times as a good technique for doing photography, and I've always thought "Why not"?

That has never been my impression of the meaning of the saying. I always assumed it meant that in order to make small adjustments in framing, you can move forward or back up. That is how I handle framing with primes, I use my experience to determine the best focal length for the situation and make minor adjustments by moving back and forth (and side to side and up and down and even rotating). If/when the situation calls for a much different focal length, I change lenses. I am almost alway in environments where that works. There are times when I know in advance that I will need large changes in focal lengths, and the situation will make lens swapping inconvenient or impossible. I use a zoom in those cases. Is that not standard practice?

Hasn't the zoom vs prime thing been settled already? "Use what works based on your experience with your equipment and scenes!"

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