What is this waxy look people are talking about?

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Here it is Alan.

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It has more to do with any of the 16mp X-trans 2 cameras. Not x-trans 1 and 3. If you use the search engine you'll find enough threads about it to have to clear your schedule for the next week.

Basically it was over-aggressive noise reduction on the jpegs specifically, once you started to go higher in iso and with no option of switching it off. It did not affect Raw files.

The xt20 is x-trans 3 I believe so it shouldn't have that problem.

I disagree, I have seen this problem with alle three generations and there are reports it has to do with the x-trans sensor layout. It seems that at high iso's the waxy look is more pronounced, but I notice it also at low iso's. I am, besides Fujifilm, a Nikon user and an ex Olympus 4/3 user and I can say the Olympus was best at rendering realistic skin tones, the Nikons second and the Fuji third. Of course, it is also a matter of taste. I know some of my photography friends agree that the Fuji has a waxi look, but they like it, because it doesn't show all skin imperfections as much. For true portrait photography, I myself choose my Nikons though. It seems that at high iso's the waxy look is more pronounced, but I notice it also at low iso's.

Do you have an example? Thanks

I am on my cell phone now, but look at this kid's portrait from the Ken Rockwell review of the X-T2.


I too just shot some photos of my kid at home at only iso 3200 with 100% natural light and I was in shock to see a very pronounced plasticky look on the skin in jpeg, NR set to -3.

Will be good to see these shots. I'm glad somone is actually going to put something fresh up.

Appreciate that.

I'm so sorry Alan I don't have those photos. I was playing with the XT2 and returned it, then I erased those photos to use the SD card. i didn't even save them in my hard drive because they were just random shots.

How about if other plenty of XTrans III owners post some samples at those isos? I'm sure they must have plenty of samples.

Check out this example I found from several years ago.  That was pretty much how it looked like, although this example below seems to be have taken in artificial light, but the photos i took were not, they were taken under natural light and the skin looked just like the woman in the jpeg sample, very plasticky looking.  It simply looked too smooth and unreal.  I hope that helps.



I think that the only cameras that don't do that are the Xtrans I models.

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