What is this waxy look people are talking about?

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Re: No Waxy-ness

John Motts wrote:

Vincent AF wrote:

RA40 wrote:

As a potential X-T2 or X-T20 buyer seeing this come up brought more curiosity. Pics of youthful types often skew my perceptions of skin smoothness. Their pores and lack of life/scars are almost ideal. Often I see that these lighter tones get blown to some extent by jpeg files, they seem very smooth. The Fuji term waxiness I could grasp. If using the film emulation this may also alter the contrast on such tones.

Would like to see more though maybe with males who often these days have that unshaved look then we get an idea of contrasting facial hair on skin.

Here are two examples of men (as found on Flickr). The first one is sooc shot with a X-T1 (the X-T2 doesn't show up yet, the numbers must be too low), the second one is shot by a Olympus E-5.

I know I know, both very different pictures and different guys, but it still shows the rendering imo.



You're comparing a truly dreadful snapshot from a Fuji with a much more competent (albeit rather dark) shot from the Olympus. Not a fair comparison at all.
Those new to photography might conclude that the image quality of the Olympus is in a totally different league from the Fuji from these samples, when of course we all know that it's the photographer and not the camera that is responsible for the differences seen here.

Clearly all true, I wasn't comparing two camera's, just the rendering of the skin, that to my eye, is more natural with the Olympus. At the same settings the differences would surely be more subtle, although in my experiences still there and visible. 
But if people don't see that distinct rendering on the pic of the young boy by Ken Rockwell, then there is really no use in discussing this further. I am happy to read such good experiences with the Fuji's. I love mine as well.

This is all about very subtle differences and a matter of taste as well, there to me is nothing wrong with the Fuji camera's.

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