Sexist Forum?

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Re: Sexist Forum?

Not at all, Cary. I would never gauge my e-persona by the size of my post (had to chuckle here), but you taunted me. To paraphrase, you said something about changing my name to Sally so that I could get some replies. So, the logical, albeit unnecessary response was to defend myself at the point on which I was being attacked. Make sense? I would never stoop so low as to judge anybody in this NG on the success (especially reply count) of their posts. We all count, we all matter, even you Cary :^)

Cary wrote:

I feel no need to compete with you. Been here for about a year, I
say very little but I listen and look allot. It's a great forum and
it keeps me coming back. I have learned so much and I thank every
one, most especially the girls because they never seem to waste the
bandwidth. Sorry to say, that it seems like some of us gauge who we
are by how big our posts are.

Sal Giambruno wrote:

Please inform me the next time a post originated by you exceeds the
thread limit of 150, and extends to a second thread, like the one I
recently posted about demographics . . . won't you?

Cary wrote:


Seems like you might have an underdeveloped masculine side. Just
change your name to Sally in this forum and see if you get the
attention your pointing at.

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