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Re: Pancake Kit Zoom ...

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Maybe Sony's been listening and the 35/2 in an 85/1.8 package is coming to make us all happy?

  • "Could be a Pancake Kit Zoom. Bundled with the new A7III."

Wins my vote for the best suggestion, an E1650for FF

I thought they were talking about a 1.8 135 G yesterday? With the wide end covered so well by Sony and so many others and the money they just spent on the A9 and desire to go after the sports and wildlife market anything but a 300 or 500 prime does not even make sense. They are hurting on the long end and the A9 has lenses galore use for everything but med to longer telephoto but that is just my two cents. To entice the Canikon users they need to show they are serious now about the longer end to further legitimize the A9

You are speaking about the high end users, and true, all this is very valid.

Which is the most often chosen/used lens on these 'lower end' cameras? Yep, the E1650 kit lens for APS-C and the FE2870 kit lens for FF.

Imagine an FE2470P lens on the A7x cameras being just about as big as the FE35Z

I would go absolutely crazy for a FF power-zoom.  Something under 400 grams and under the size of the 85mm F1.8.  Find a way to make it a 24-105mm F3.5-5.6 and I would die and go to heaven.

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