Sony a6000 bricked!!!!

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Re: Sony a6000 bricked!!!!

edcgadgetgeek wrote:

Hi All,

I turned on my Sony a6000 for the first time in a few weeks, and the shutter was not responding, it was not taking a photo, so I tried doing the update from v2 to v3, and after loading to 90% (tried doing update on both Mac and PC btw) it failed...and then after, it would load the main screen, but none of the functions responded to the buttons or dials...I dropped off the camera at Photo Tech Repair Services in NYC, and they said its the main and electric circuit which is the problem, parts costing $229 not including labor!!!! Nearly half the price of what I paid for the camera from BHPhoto!!!! What do you suggest I do? Are they marking up the price for the part(s)? Can I find the part for cheaper and supply it to them? Any kind of bargaining chip I can use...the quote seems so high!!!! Thanx in advance for suggestions.

I presume that you tried a number of things before going for the upgrade, and it doesn't seem logical to me to upgrade a camera that isn't working properly.

$229 doesn't seem excessive to me, but you are at the mercy of the repairer. Have you tried an alternative shop?

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