New Lens Rumor

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Re: New Lens Rumor

Mathieu18 wrote:

Maybe Sony's been listening and the 35/2 in an 85/1.8 package is coming to make us all happy?


"There will be another lens announced with the long-expected 1635GM in very near future. It will have VERY surprising parameters"

Lets guess...

- Fresnel based telephoto prime lens? 300? 400? 500? 600?

- 500mm mirror?

- Extra wide? 10-24?

- Tlilt Shift?

- Fisheye ?

- Specilized Bokeh lens? STF? -> Alread announced

- Super fast prime?, 105/1.4? 85/1.2? 50/1.2?

- Super fast Zoom? 24-35/2?

what else...

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