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Re: New Lens Rumor

We all have all the lenses we need! It's the lenses we want...

kelstertx wrote:

Tom Ames wrote:

Mathieu18 wrote:

Maybe Sony's been listening and the 35/2 in an 85/1.8 package is coming to make us all happy?

A 35mm 1.8/ 2.0 would be nice.

A 40mm pancake would also be welcomed.

No, what we need is ANOTHER 50mm, even faster and more expensive. We have a 50/1.8 at $300, a 55/1.8 at $1000, and a 50/1.4 at $1500. What we need now is a 50/1.2 at $2000 or $2500! LOL, just kidding!

It doesn't matter to me what's next. I can't afford any of them.

Furthermore, I have all the lenses I need. Again. This time I mean it.


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