Continue: Is the photo industry dying?

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Continue: Is the photo industry dying?

From other thread:

"There's nothing that would cause me to buy a new camera or lens today, unless one dies and needs to be replaced. I hope manufacturers don't start factoring in design to fail to pull in replacement sales."

Also: "It's not dying, just normalizing to meet the level of demand. This will affect the entire industry from cameras to soft and retailers. Some will be left standing."

There's no question that fewer cameras are being sold. Cell phones that take excellent photos & videos are, in part, the reason. They sure are convenient and easy to use. Every young person in my extended family and all that I know have cell phones. They have no interest in buying a camera. They leave that to us "older folks"!

Secondly: I think the cameras companies have plateaued in exciting new products. Nothing "really new" has come along in the last few years. The cameras of 10 years ago do just as well as the ones today. Oh, today there are a few new whiz-bang features, but the cameras I bought 10 years take just as good photos as today. To be sure the video is better, but not that much. In fact I still have a Canon Powershot G3 that I bought 1n 2001 that still takes a beautiful, printed-off 8X10 photo and does decent video as well.

So profits are down (for all except Canon, but look how big they are) and unless the camera manufacturers can make a profit, and big ones, on a new model they won't produce it.

Case in point: Nikon. DL 24-500. This camera was announced in Feb. last year. This looked to be the P&S camera be-all, to end-all. The specs were great. Prototypes were made. Results were fantastic from all reports from lucky users of the camera in Japan. I have a friend in Japan whose son was a prototype user. His reports were unbelievable! So I eagerly awaited my chance to buy one.

Oh No!!! Nikon canceled the camera. Even though it still is part of DPR's Nikon cameras list.  WHAT HAPPENED???!!!

Nikon said they canceled it because they figured out they couldn't make a profit on it. Well gee whiz!  What ever happened to their whiz-bang engineers, accountants and just plain Japanese smarts? The Japanese make great cars, TVs and video cameras, and even sushi and lovely geisha girls! And they couldn't figure-out way ahead of time that the planned price-point on the DL 24-500 would have been a loser??

If I was head of Nikon?  Heads would have rolled over this!!

The camera companies will have to come-up with something so earth-moving in innovation and feature that it will utterly capture the imagination of camera lovers every where. And at a price that will sell millions.

Can they do it?  We'll see.......

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