Canon 80D and Italy with One Lens?

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Re: Canon 80D and Italy with One Lens?

I was in italy last year with a full frame and 24-105, Im a minimalist traveler, 24mm was just wide enough for gallery photos but it wasn't as dramatic as id like for landscape.  Keep in mind, in galleries, you will have to get very close to the art to capture it without extra subjects (people) in you field of view, a 16mm would have been a joy for me.

If I travelled with my crop body id definitely take the 10-18mm, super light and sharp enough then id consider the 18-135, it will give you plenty of throw for some close up street portraiture as you will see some characters depending on your location. It all depends on your shooting style, really.

Joby Gorilla pod and both those lenses with the 80D is a light kit, you could walk all day with that, most likely you will. hehe! have fun


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