Win 10 Creators Update advisory

Started Apr 27, 2017 | Discussions thread
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Windows Firewall FYI

I got the prompt for CU yesterday and decided to take the plunge. I just wanted to pass along an FYI on the only problem I’ve run into.

I had customized the Windows Firewall rules for ICMP v4 replies (ping response) and SMB-in (file sharing connections) by adding an additional IP subnet to the scopes for the rules. These customizations were wiped out and had to be recreated. Pretty minor issue, but I just wanted to pass along the info for the sake of collective knowledge.

To further clarify, these were changes I had made to in-the-box firewall rules that come with the OS. Firewall rules that had been added in addition those that come with the OS all appeared to have survived the CU just fine.

As a further (unrelated) FYI, I documented the drivers for my video, audio, storage controller, and USB 3.1 gen2 controller before I updated. None of these drivers were changed by the CU.

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