Time to upgrade: A6300 or A7?

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Time to upgrade: A6300 or A7?

Hi all,

A few years ago I bought an A6000 with the kit 16-50 and the 55-210 from Amazon. During my time with the camera, I realized I really liked a one lens solution (I don't enjoy changing lens on the fly out in the environments). I originally purchased the 1670z, but decided I needed more reach. To help with that, I purchased the Sony 18105g, which stays on my camera 90% of the time due to its reach and versatility (the other 10% is the Sigma 30 F1.4).

Since the 18105g is on my camera almost all of the time, I realized that I have very limited use for the 16-50 and 55-210, which never come out of the bag. I was going to sell both, but realized I'd recoup more if I sold them as the original kit.

That leaves me with the opportunity to upgrade from the A6000. I've already ruled out the A6500, as it is much more than I want to spend. I originally thought that my only choice was the A6300 (body only), but while browsing B&H I noticed the A7 with kit lens wasn't too much more and I could recoup the cost by selling the Sigma and 18105g.

Option 1: Buy the A7 with kit lens and sell the 18105g and Sigma

Option 2: Keep the 18105g and Sigma and buy the A6300

I mostly use my camera when I travel and for long exposures. I know each case is different, but any thoughts/opinions on this?

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