Since Panasonic is listening to us, what is your advice

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Since Panasonic is listening to us, what is your advice

So what should Panasonic do, since they listen to us? If it is "none of the above" then please add your view. Alos if you chose one option, but would like to elaborate on the others that is interesting too.

I know some options can be outlandish, but it was what I could come up with (but not necessarily something I  want at all). THX!

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Add OSPDAF to all coming/most new Lumix m43 cams and combine it with DFD to get the very best AF possible in every situation for both stills and video.
18.4% 27  votes
Make an EVF that has zero blackout (if expensive for the higher end lines)l
4.1% 6  votes
They need to add features like RAW in body photostacking, Oly like Hires mode, procapture.
8.2% 12  votes
Get us a GX9 cam that is the stills variant of the GH5 with a maximum price of 1250 dollar/euro. At all available tech and then some in it, as long as we remain near that price.
21.1% 31  votes
Please: revive the GM series. It is many things one of which is the best add on cam we can think off!
21.8% 32  votes
Please reintroduce Multi aspect ration so I can shoot 3:2 natively for instance. Makes it easier for some APS-c users to switch too for instance....
11.6% 17  votes
Make a Macro 4:3 cam. (28 x 21 mm=588 mm2 or may be 30 x 22,5 mm =675 mm2). So we have that nice aspect ratio (or make it MAR!). It could also accomodate that 8K video at 33 MP better...
0.7% 1  vote
None of the above.
14.3% 21  votes
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